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Who is the Chesterfield Tutor?

As the Chesterfield Tutor, I offer
primary, secondary and degree-level
home tuition in the Chesterfield area.

My name is Ian Carter,
and I hold out a helping hand
to anyone struggling with:

French (and other languages)
basic I.T. and computer skills.

I work as a supply teacher
in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire
and South Yorkshire, and of course
I have a current CRB clearance.

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My 30+ years in teaching
haven't all been spent in Chesterfield.

I've worked in England, Saudi Arabia,
Thailand and Burma.

I've taught in a large number of schools
and I've had hundreds of private students too.

My students range from schoolchildren
and college/university students,
up to adult learners -
and sometimes even whole companies.

My feeling is that, if you want to learn,
then you have to feel comfortable.
I'll come to you, so you'll feel at home.

You won't need to provide anything special
(although a cup of coffee is always welcome).

My fees include all necessary materials.

Making Difficult Things Easy

My promise to students is that
I'll do my best to make difficult things easy.

I've had a wide variety of experience,
and it can work to your benefit.

I have another website, which is
aimed at non-native English learners
who need to improve at a high level
(such as those preparing for the IELTS test).

Click here to visit my English teaching site.

You might also like to check out
what else I do.

Here are two of my other websites:
this Barn dance site, and this Showreel site.

Please check back soon
to see what I've added to this site!

Contact Me

If there's anything you'd like to know
that's not covered here,
please feel free to contact me.

You can send me an email

at info[at]

(remembering to replace the [at]
with the usual symbol)

Another way is to call or text me
on my UK mobile: 07 999 520 250.

Whatever method you choose,
I'll do my best to get back to you
within two working days.

Ian Carter