Desktop Publishing (DTP)

If you'd like to get started
designing your own pages
- whether for print
or for viewing on a screen -
I can help you.

Desktop publishing
is one of the easiest
things to do on a computer.

There's lots of software
(some of it 100% free)
that can help you
make your ideas
into a reality.

Way back in 1989,
I was using an Atari ST computer

- with only 1 MEGABYTE of RAM,
NO hard disk,
and only a 720K floppy drive -

to design not just pages
but entire booklets,

when PCs could hardly manage
a graphical interface.

I designed brochures for schools,
teaching worksheets, posters,
concert programmes,
CD inserts ...
all kinds of things.

If that's the kind of thing
that interests you,
why not get in touch?