English for School Students

Do you find it hard to express yourself in English?
Especially when it comes to writing essays?

Grammar & Spelling

Does the word grammar give you the heebie-jeebies?

How about spelling? Do you keep getting that
annoying red wiggly line under the words
whenever you type in a word processor?

Have no fear!
The Chesterfield Tutor is here to help you!

If you're studying for

English Language GCSE
English Literature GCSE
English A Level

or just struggling with English in general,
at whatever level (KS1 to KS4 and beyond ...),
home tuition can provide you with
the help you need, and
give your confidence
a tremendous boost.

Whatever your needs,
the Chesterfield Tutor can help you.


Do you find it difficult to understand Shakespeare?
Do you find poetry hard work - or even (dare I say) boring?

The good news is ... it doesn't have to be like that.

In the case of Shakespeare,
the Chesterfield Tutor
likes to use parallel texts

(that's where you have the original text
with a modern-day translation alongside)

to help students understand what the Bard was trying to say.

This helps enormously, because
when you can understand the words,
you've a much better chance of getting to grips
with those themes and motifs
that can prove so elusive.

Of course, there's not only Shakespeare!


The Chesterfield Tutor's methods
also help to bring to life
the poetry that students will meet
(e.g. in the AQA Anthology).

Many young people claim they don't like poetry,
but I've found that, with my help,
they can develop an appreciation
that can stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Younger students

The Chesterfield Tutor also offers
friendly but firm guidance for younger students.

We cover such things as
grammar, spelling, reading and writing,

but I try to make it fun, rather than hard work.

Contact me now and see how I can help YOU