English for School Students

Do you find it hard to express yourself in English?
Especially when it comes to writing essays?

Grammar & Spelling

Does the word grammar give you the heebie-jeebies?

How about spelling? Do you keep getting that
annoying red wiggly line under the words
whenever you type in a word processor?

Have no fear!
The Chesterfield Tutor is here to help you!

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English for Higher Education

Once people finish
compulsory education,
studying English takes on
a totally different feel.

I offer students at this level
in the Chesterfield area
not only guidance
with appropriate usage,
but also a deeper understanding
and appreciation of the
finer points of English grammar
(without making it boring).

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English for Professional Purposes

Professional people often neglect
the importance of good writing

- not just copywriting
for advertising
(which is an entire subject
all by itself)
but writing letters, reports, memos -

anything which is
supposed to communicate.

I can bring my expertise
to bear on all sorts of texts,

to make sure that
misunderstandings are avoided,

and that clients really do
put over the message
they want to communicate.

Also, if you need a proof-reader,
please contact me.


English for Speakers
of Other Languages

One area of English teaching
I really enjoy is ESOL.

Part of the reason may be that
since leaving Chesterfield
to go to university,
I myself have been in a
similar situation many times.

I don't like to go to another
country and feel lost for words.

I don't like not being able to read
road signs or shop names
or advertising hoardings
or billboards.

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