Esperanto - the International Language

A lot of people have dismissed
Esperanto over the years
as a kind of "crackpot" idea.

It's true that it has often
attracted some social misfits
- but I'm not going to
go into the reasons here.

I studied Esperanto seriously
as a teenager,
after finding Teach Yourself Esperanto
on the shelves at Chesterfield library.

Within only THREE MONTHS
I was reading whole texts
in the language,
and even corresponding
with people I'd never met
in such wonderful places as
Hungary, China and Japan.

If you've ever felt
you'd like to learn a language,
but you've been put off
by the thought of years and years
of hard slog with very little to show for it,
why not try Esperanto?

It's simple, it's easy to learn,
and it's as regular as clockwork
- which means once you've
learned a rule,
you can apply it all the time.

Believe me, that works wonders
for your confidence!

And if you're wondering
what possible use Esperanto could be ...
well, why not ask me,

and I'll point you to several
useful resources that could
help you make up your mind.