Keyboard instruments

I love keyboards.
Always have done.

But I can understand
how frustrating it can be
learning to play them!

(Not to mention boring!)

I've been playing
keyboard instruments
of one sort or another
since I was about 9 years old.
(I'm a bit older than that now!)

Younger students
often get bored
with some of the
traditional ways
of teaching the piano.

And if there's one thing
I'm sure of
it's that I'm determined
that my students
should NOT be bored!

I'll probably get shot down
in flames for saying this,
but actually, I prefer
the electronic keyboard
to the piano
- for a number of reasons.

Firstly they don't go
out of tune so easily
(if it doesn't sound nice,
who's going to want to play it?).

Secondly, they don't just
sound like a piano
- you can have guitars,
organs, violins, spaceships
... you name it ...
all from the one instrument.

That's much more attractive
to young learners.

(And not only the young ones!)

Reading music

Do you really need to know
how to read musical notation?

Yes and no.

I will teach you
just what you need to know,
and no more.

It's not complicated
(although you'd be surprised
how many people think it has to be)
and I can teach you the basics
in a couple of hours.

One thing is absolutely essential, though.

If you want to learn
to play a musical instrument
- whether it's a keyboard
or a guitar or a penny whistle -
you do need to have one of your own.

You need to practise
regularly between lessons
- and you can't do that
if you haven't got an instrument to play on.

Why not get in touch,
and let's have a chat
to see how I can help you
with your keyboard playing.