Office Skills

I wouldn't be without
my computer nowadays.

I use it for just about everything
(although it's not very good
at making coffee!)

In particular, I type emails,

word-process long documents,

use spreadsheets
(although I'm not such a
big fan of them!)

and from time to time
I also use databases.

Sometimes I use Microsoft Office

(and you'd be surprised
how many people don't know
some of the little
tips and tricks
that can really speed up
your productivity!)

- but more and more these days
I tend to go for OpenOffice.

It's virtually 100% compatible
with Microsoft Office,

(Ask me if you need more details)

I can help students of all ages
(among other things)
to type faster and more accurately,
and to use keyboard shortcuts
to speed things up.

If you're preparing for an exam
in Office skills,
or if you just feel you'd like
to be able to do more ...
let me help you.