Website Design

This website that you're
looking at right now
is one that I've designed myself.


I have total control
of all the pages
right here in my
"office" in Chesterfield!

I don't need
a separate designer
to do things for me.


(Think of the savings!)

You don't need to know
anything about HTML,
or PHP, or anything else
that sounds remotely technical.

In fact, if you can successfully
type and send an email,
you've got all it takes
to be able to do what I've done.

If you'd like to be able
to design and publish
your own website,

with multiple pages
and everything else
that you see here on my site,

why not get in touch?

I can probably save you
a huge amount of money
- and you'll have
lots of fun learning, too.

Check out these
other websites I've put together
- all by myself.

Here's my Barn dance website.

I also have a Showreel website.

My latest venture is
a site for foreign students
who want to improve their English

It's not difficult,
and it's terrific fun!